My Top Additive Picks of 2019

Being a formulator can be really hard sometimes, especially when it comes to additives. They are the missing piece to the never ending puzzle of possibilities. There’s probably about 30 additives that I always keep in my toolbox when I am formulating and I wanted to share a few new ones that I added in 2019. These products made my job a little easier and I hope if you use them, they will do the same for you.

Borchers – Borchi Gen 0650

To be quite honest, I was super impressed with this product and I had zero expectations when I sampled it from Borchers. I have been stabilizing pigments for the last 5 years and this dispersant is surely one I will always keep close by from now on. I recently worked on stabilizing a gray epoxy and this product was the only one out of dozens that worked effectively at a low dosage. Over a 4 week study, the △E was less than 0.5 and there was little to almost no viscosity change over time. WHAT! That makes my life easier and that makes me happy. 

This wetting and dispersing agent is anionic, APEO and VOC free. It is compatible in water and solvent systems. It works best with polar surfaces like titanium dioxide, iron oxides, and hydrophilic organic pigments. If you would like to sample this product, you can head to the link above and go from there. If you are in Florida like me, you can shoot an email to Christina Katrinak at Lintech ( to help you out.

Elementis – Dapro NA 1622

Coming from Evonik, I was very biased towards their defoamers and deaerators. I just know how to work with them, and there’s not much fuss involved for me. Over the years, I have tried to add more of these type of additives to my toolbox but I am usually in a bind to get the formulation finished at that point in the project, or the others that I sampled just have not impressed me very much, until I got the Dapro NA 1622. Again, I had very little expectations but I needed a product that would eliminate foam in a number of different application methods and all my usuals were not working for me. I was very frustrated but I decided to give this one a try. To my surprise, it worked with flying colors. So much so that I tested it multiple times to make sure I wasn’t crazy. 

This product is a polysiloxane solution best compatible with solvent-borne systems. It is very easy to incorporate and a little bit goes a very long way. Dapro NA 1622 is very compatible with many resin types. I would highly recommend having a sample of this product on hand if you are working with any solvent-borne coatings. You can sample directly from the Elementis website or if you are in my area, give Mandy a shout at

Evonik – Albidur PU 5640

If you work with traditional PU systems and need it to be a little tougher but don’t want to completely switch your resin out, do yourself a favor and order a sample of the Albidur PU 5640 from Evonik. The elastomeric component of this product is a special silicone rubber, giving you the properties and typical enhancements of silicone products. I have used this product in many many ways but most commonly to increase abrasion resistance and tensile strength of traditional resins. This product also reduces the coefficient of friction drastically so I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it for flooring. It would be the perfect product for anywhere that needs to be easy to clean but undergoes a lot of wear and tear at the same time. 

Albidur PU 5640 is a 40% concentrate of a high-performance elastomer in a short chain tri-functional polypropylene glycol. It can be used as a stand alone resin but I have only ever used it as an additive between 2-8% of the total formulation. You can order a sample of this product directly from the website link above or reach out to Rick at

If you get a chance to use these products in your formulations, let me know! I love hearing feedback from others when I recommend products, even if it didn’t go as expected. If you have an additive problem and you don’t know where to start, send me a message and I’ll see if I can point you in the right direction.


Niki Milanovic
Founder & Product Development Specialist

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