For starters, last year we moved the lab from St. Petersburg, Florida to Richmond, Virginia. Not only am I grateful that my business survived the last year when so many others did not, but also that we were able to move the business and be closer to our parents.

In front of our first RVA location off of Jeff Davis Highway.

That was a pretty big move for us in general to pack up the lab and move across states. Our first lab was about 600 sq ft in Florida and our new VA location was about 2500 sq ft. It is funny to think back now how we ever fit that much stuff in such a small space and made it work. 

Since that initial move last year to VA, we started to toll manufacture for a few of our clients, and we quickly found out we were not capable of doing that in the space we were in. 

We went on a hunt to find the best space for our growing company and settled on the Aragon Coffee Building in the Old Manchester neighborhood in Richmond. Luckily the space was a blank canvas so we could frame and section off walls for all sides of our operations. It also doesn’t hurt that our new office/warehouse is on the second floor of a brewery. Once people start traveling more, I am sure ChemCove will be a hotspot for supplier visits! So when you get thirsty, come by our new location at 215 W 7th Street, Richmond, VA 23224. 

The CTO’s (Chief Treat Officers) also really love sitting on the loading dock waiting for deliveries…

To recap the last year, we went from 600 to 2500 to now 4500 sq ft. One person in the lab in 2018 (me!) to now four people in 2021. Are you tired yet? I’m exhausted just writing this thinking about all the things that have happened in three years. Not to mention that I have cash flowed this entirely from the get go. Not a dime from the bank or investors.

From the ChemCove team, thank you all so much for the support through these uncertain times! It is not easy, but having clients and partners like you help a great deal and make this all worth it!

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