Chemists Who Care

ChemCove Consulting launched in 2018. Founder Niki Milanovic wanted to address a problem she'd seen for a long time in the chemical industry - many smaller companies needing the services of a chemist but not being able to hire a professional in-house. ChemCove bridges that gap by offering quality consulting, educational resources and affordable contracting work.

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Our Leader With a Vision

Niki Milanovic is the Founder and Product Development Specialist at ChemCove. She originally set out to study art. But one random chemistry class transformed her thinking and changed her career course. After all, the science of pigments and colors is what leads to art.

She started as a Technical Service Chemist at Evonik Corporation, teaching her customers about formulating coatings and specializing in color technology. While there, she also published multiple white papers and articles in PCI and Coatings World magazines. Next, she took an in-the-field role with D.B. Becker (now Maroon Group LLC), covering the Florida territory in a Technical Sales role for the CASE market.


Niki encountered some revelations through the course of a chemical career... Working for or with large organizations could be limiting. Managing sales, traveling all over and hitting quotas was a pain. There was such a lack of chemists in the small business space, because industry giants scooped up the talent quickly.

Customers were specifically requesting Niki's help. Spending many hours actually in the lab helping customers, Niki truly appreciated the personal approach and relationships. She particularly enjoyed working with smaller companies, that seemed grateful for someone to simply care and listen to them. She also realized the demand for her skill set and what a difference maker it could be. So, Niki decided to open her own lab and began taking on a few clients.

Today, Niki's vision remains strong. She is proud to be a scientist and a teacher and runs ChemCove to be of service - helping other small to medium businesses succeed and compete with the big brands.

I compare my formulating to making pancakes... The milk and flour are the basics. But when I add other key ingredients like eggs, vanilla, baking powder and mashed banana, they become exceptionally fluffy, full of flavor and wafting a must-have aroma throughout the house. This type of precision and ingenuity is what I add to enhance your products.

This Crew is Devoted to Awesome Solutions

That initial concept of a small lab space and helping a few people out has obviously grown. ChemCove Consulting now has multiple employees to handle client projects - each passionate and skilled person carefully selected. Ultimately, the ChemCove team makes products your customers are going to love and come back for again and again.

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Niki Milanovic

Founder & Product Development Specialist
Niki graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a B.S. in Chemistry. After nearly a decade of career building, she opened ChemCove to independently guide and educate coating manufacturers in this growing industry.

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Ashley Coleman

Technical Service Chemist
Ashley graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a B.S. in Chemistry and Forensic Science. She has worked in various lab positions since 2014. Now, she blends technical experience with a passion for customer service.

Nikki - BRAND

Madeleine Smith

Associate Chemist
Madeleine graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a B.S. in Chemistry. She found love for color chemistry while working at her dad's acrylic adhesive company in St. Petersburg, FL - and now puts that to work.